Fix A Toxic Relationship — Learn how!

Real Solutions That Will Help Fix a Toxic Relationship

A Toxic Relationship doesn't just happen! A Toxic Relationship is the result of relationship mistakes.

Fortunately, most relationship mistakes can be fixed... when you know how.

Let me guide you on how to turn your Toxic Relationship into a relationship of love, respect, and understanding.


Articles That Will Help Fix A Toxic Relationship

A miserable and lonely woman once came to the famed psychotherapist, Milton Erickson M.D. complaining she had no friends. He told her to grow African Violets and give them out to her neighbors.

After several months, she reported back to Dr. Erickson that she had many friends and was happy. The 'cure' was not rocket science! She had just become a better person.

Learn how to change for the better and notice the many ways your relationships improve!

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Videos & Quizzes That Will Help You Fix A Toxic Relationship

A healthy relationship follows proven scientific principles. The opposite is also true. When you make a relationship mistake, it will negatively impact others in a very predictable way.

Learn the 'rules' that govern relationships so you can contribute to a healthy, happy, and loving marriage or committed relationship.

I have made important 'lessons' easy to learn by providing you with FREE videos and quizzes.

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Video - Gaslighting: Stop it before it poisons you

Gaslighting is a form of passive-aggressive anger. When gaslight is allowed to go unchecked, it can poison a person's self-esteem and confidence.

assertive communication, assertiveness

Video - Be assertive

Being assertive greatly increases the likelihood that you will achieve your goal, whatever that might be, and builds your self-esteem and confidence.

anger management

Video - Anger is harmful

Anger harms relationships. Learn how to 'control anger' using three powerful steps. Protect your most valuable possession — your relationship.

fix a broken marriage,free marriage counseling,free relationship counseling

VIDEO - Assertive communication

Is your marriage or committed relationship broken? A healthy relationship rests on the ability to assert oneself. Learn more about Assertive Communication, a necessary relationship skill.

fix a broken marriage,free marriage counseling,free relationship counseling

VIDEO - Who will tell You the truth about what lying does to your valued relationships?

There are many ways that lying can destroy your relationship. "Honesty is the best policy." Learn why! Also, discover the two exceptions when 'lying' is the right thing to do. 

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VIDEO - Should I get a divorce?

Divorce is harmful to everyone in the family. However, accepting a bad marriage or committed relationship is also harmful. This is why it is best to fix relationship problems. Then you will WANT TO STAY WITH YOUR PARTNER and avoid divorce or separation.

fix a broken marriage,free marriage counseling,free relationship counseling

VIDEO - The science of relationship failure!

Do you want to know how to save your marriage or how to fix a broken relationship? Hint. It is not what you do that is as important as what you don't do! Watch this video and learn what not to do.

fix a broken marriage,free marriage counseling,free relationship counseling

VIDEO - Relationship harmony for men who want to stop relationship breakdown

Your wife wants a divorce? Many marriages can be saved with the right effort. Watch this video and learn how discord is so painful for your wife or girlfriend and what you can do to turn your situation into one of love and harmony.

fix a broken marriage,free marriage counseling,free relationship counseling

VIDEO - Be accepting for relationship harmony

Acceptance of your partner is key to relationship success and is a powerful antidote to destructive anger. Use "acceptance" to build your marriage or committed relationship.

fix a broken marriage,free marriage counseling,free relationship counseling

VIDEO - What to do about your anger problem

Uncontrolled anger leads to devastating personal and relationship injury. Learn why. And if anger control is a problem for you or a loved one, find out what you should do. This page includes links to our FREE Anger Management Quiz and our Anger Management Workbook.

fix a broken marriage,free marriage counseling,free relationship counseling

Video - Your wife wants a divorce (and the 5 steps to get her back)

If you are like most men, the possibility of losing your wife or girlfriend is terrifying, you can’t imagine living without her! You would very much like to turn things around and save your relationship.

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QUIZ - FREE Healthy Relationship Quiz

Learn about the health of your marriage or committed relationship and what areas you and your partner need to improve.

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QUIZ - FREE Anger Management Test

Excessive anger is the primary cause of marital and committed relationships breakdown. Like high blood pressure, it is often difficult for individuals to know if they have 'too much' anger. Find out your anger level  — take this anger management test. Get bonus anger management tips.

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QUIZ - Free Toxic Relationship Quiz

Find out if your relationship is toxic with this simple 16 question quiz. You can also get a general idea of the stage of relationship decay your partnership is in.