Should I Get a Divorce?

Should I Get a Divorce

Divorce is harmful to everyone in the family.
However, accepting a bad marriage or committed relationship is also harmful.

This is why it is best to fix relationship problems. Then you will WANT TO STAY WITH YOUR PARTNER and avoid divorce or separation.

As you read and learn more, you will understand how divorce is harmful.

Only when there are problems such as drug abuse, infidelity, financial abuse, emotional abuse, or violence that cannot be stopped should divorce be seen as a reasonable option.

Even in circumstances such as these, knowing when to divorce needs to be considered.

Considerations such as the age of the children, the financial outcome of a divorce, and social support are all important factors when deciding when to get a divorce.

Learn what science says about divorce. Based on metadata from the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, July 2018, Volume 44, Issue 3, Pages 512-526.