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Verbal Abuse Test

15 easy to answer questions

Choose one answer

1. My partner criticizes me.
2. My partner tells me he or she is always right and I am always wrong.
3. My partner tells me that no one likes me.
4. My partner blames me for every mistake or misfortune.
5. My partner disagrees and argues with me.
6. My partner threatens me when he or she wants me to do something his or her way.
7. My partner calls me bad names.
8. My partner puts me down with jokes and sarcasm.
9. My partner thinks it is okay to make fun of me.
10. My partner tells me what I do is worthless.
11. My partner tries to convince me that my ideas are crazy.
12. My partner tells me I will never achieve anything.
13. My partner decides when we can or cannot talk about something.
14. My partner raises his or her voice to frighten me.
15. My partner tells me his or her family is better than mine.

Verbal Abuse Test Score... what it means to you... and what you should do next

Hi, this is couple therapist Abe Kass, MA RSW RMFT.

Let's review your, Verbal Abuse Test Score.

Keeping in mind Your Score, scroll-down until you find the range for your score. Then read what your 'results' mean. 

0-2 points. Your relationship does not have a problem with verbal abuse. Make sure it stays that way.

If verbal abuse starts to develop, get self-help books and products or professional help to keep verbal abuse out of your family.

3-6 points. You are reporting some verbal abuse. You and your partner will benefit from learning how to speak respectfully with one another.

Doing nothing will likely lead to increased verbal abuse and additional relationship harm.

I recommend you acquire self-help books and products or professional assistance to eliminate the harmful verbal abuse in your relationship and to prevent it from getting worse.

7-10 points. Your partner is manifesting high levels of verbal abuse. The verbal abuse you have already experience has injured you and your relationship, and without strong intervention, it will likely worsen.

I recommend that you get some self-help products to learn how to protect yourself, and if possible influence your partner to behave respectfully toward you.

Each day the verbal abuse continues, the more difficult it will be to correct and reverse the emotional injures.

11-and more points. You are being verbally assaulted by your partner. The higher your score is above 11 points, the more verbal abuse you are suffering from, and the greater are your emotional injuries.

Get self-help and professional help NOW to protect yourself.

Your situation may become so bad and so chronic that your self-esteem and self-worth may be seriously injured, possibly leading to anxiety and depression. 

You need to take emergency action now to end the verbal abuse! 

No one deserves to be abused, and abuse can never be justified.

Respect is a human right.

It is up to you to take the necessary steps to end the abuse. Reach out for help.

Get professional help from qualified therapists.

Here are listings of fully trained and qualified relationship specialists:

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

The Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy


Verbal abuse is a form of emotional abuse. If you take this Verbal Abuse Test and need help dealing with an abusive relationship, learn more about my guide to overcoming abuse, The 15 Essential Facts Victims of Emotional Abuse Need to Know.

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